The building plans of your home show the specification, dimensions, and position of all parts of your home. They’re extremely vital when you are renovating and remodeling your house.  

Oftentimes, when people buy a new home, they do not get these important documents. If you’re one of these homebuyers, you might probably be wondering how to look for the building plans of your home.  

Well, fortunately for you, we can help. Before you look for architecture firms in Irvine to help you remodel your house, you will need to look for the building plans of your home first. Here are some things to consider: 

Call the Office of the Building Inspector 

To extend or remodel a building, builders need a permit. This guarantees that the builder will construct the structure in compliance with the standards.  

You can file this permit in the inspection office. It often includes the floor plans and elevation drawing. Inspection reports and building permits contain the name of the builder, architect, or contractor who built the house.  

Make sure you visit the office to get all the important details you require to acquire your home’s blueprints.  

Call the Previous Owners of the House 

It might be easy to get the floor plans for your home. This is particularly true if the previous owners of the house have them.  

All you need to do is to search the public records for the past owners. Next, call them and ask for the building plans.  

If the previous homeowners do not have the building plan, you should ask for the information of the home’s engineers, architect, and other contractors involved in the construction. There is a huge possibility that they still have the blueprints.  

In addition to that, if the past owner got a loan to build the house, their bank might have the floor plans you require for your house.  

Call the Realtor 

You can hasten the process of acquiring the floor plans for your home if you call the real estate agent or realtor who helped buy your house. Your realtor might be able to find the building plans for your house if your home is less than 50 years old.  

Keep in mind that real estate agents work with a lot of homes. Thus, they might have an idea of the housing pattern or stock plan in your local area.  

Visit Your Local Municipality Office 

Another vital step in finding your home’s building plans is to visit your local municipality. You might be lucky to obtain the building plans immediately. However, finding your home’s blueprint in the office of your local municipality can be extremely difficult if they are extremely old. You shouldn’t get discouraged if you don’t find them there.  

The best thing you can do is to get helpful details about your home that will make your search a lot simpler. It’s important to have all the vital details such as your legal description, address, and real estate ID.  

Then, fill all the necessary forms and ask for all the documents related to your house.