Spring cleaning is vital for every person. This is especially true if you suffer from allergies. You owe it to your family and yourself to enjoy a clean and fresh home. 

Spring cleaning sounds intimidating and daunting. Most of the time, it feels like a chore. If you don’t want to tackle spring cleaning, you can always rely on cleaning services Pittsburgh. 

However, if you want to try doing it yourself, here are some tips you can follow: 

Keep in Mind the Things You Cannot See 

Of course, clean air is important. However, it isn’t something people often consider. If you want to clean the air in your house, houseplants are great. Thus, you should consider adding them once your spring clean is done and your home is de-cluttered. Aside from purifying the air, plants can also help to lower the level of airborne dust and lower the air temperatures.  

Do Not Forget the Hard to Reach Spots 

Areas such as the fans of range-hoods, inside light fixtures, inside the washing machine, and ceiling fan blades can sometimes be ignored. These areas can quickly accumulate mildew and dust. Thus, they should not be ignored.  

While not in use, you can apply several drops of essential oil onto the light bulbs. The smell will add a nice fragrance as the bulbs heat up. 

Assign Tasks 

Every person who lives in your home can help in some way. It all does not fall on you. The children can help pick what toys they no longer utilize. They can also help to wipe down surfaces. This depends on their age. Your spouse can help with hard to reach places.  

Open Windows 

You need to have flowing air. There are a couple of reasons why you should do this. This includes getting rid of all the chemical fumes from the cleaning solution, lowers condensation, helps prevent mold growth, and get rid of stale air.  

Make it Enjoyable 

Keep in mind that there’s an element of fun in every task that needs to be done. You can make a task a game if you find the fun.  

The health advantages of spring cleaning your house aren’t just physical. It can also help improve your mental health.  

The easiest way to make this enjoyable is to throw some music.  

Work from Top to Bottom 

Whenever you’re cleaning, you’ve got to work from top to bottom. Begin with the highest areas in the room and work your way to the bottom.  


The first step to any effective spring cleaning is de-cluttering. You should be merciless with items that you have not utilized in a while. You can donate any item that you do not need. If you want to make some cash, you can also start a garage sale. 

Prepare the Tools 

You need to have well-stocked tools before you can start spring cleaning. A cleaning kit does not have to be heavy-duty cleaning products. You also have to choose eco-friendly ones such as Borax, Lemon, Vinegar, and Baking Soda to make your home clean.